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Fan Coils

The Indoor Component of Air Conditioners.
  • The indoor component of air conditioners is a heat exchanger inside a metal box
  • The indoor heat exchanger cools the air circulating through it
  • It also removes indoor moisture, lowering the humidity in the home
Fan Coil

  • The humidity in the air is condensed into water
  • Many indoor heat exchangers are equipped with a fully drainable pan
  • The slope design keeps water from standing and stagnating
  • Stagnate water allows mold and mildew to grow and enter the system air stream
Fan Coil

To demonstrate the superior water drainage of the latest designs, if we pouring 2 cups of water into the drain pan

Fan Coil

In 11 seconds, all but 1 teaspoon will drain out of the coil.

Fan Coil

  • Our top brands offers unmatched ability to drain water
  • Provides high indoor air quality
  • Indoor and out door sections are designed and tested as a system to insure maximum performance and reliability.

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