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Puron Environmentally Sound Refrigerant

PuronPuron is the refrigerant of the future, and Comfort Air is prepared to help homeowners like you enjoy improved comfort right now with a full line of products utilizing this performance-enhancing refrigerant. You may not realize it, but your existing indoor weather system is an endangered species. That's the result of the 1990 Clean Air Act and the internationally binding Montreal Protocol. These documents call for an international phase out on future manufacturing of the refrigerant R-22, which is currently used in most air conditioning and heat pump systems. In response to this phase out, Carrier has been hard at work assisting in the development of a replacement refrigerant. Extensive testing and a full two years of use in the market place have helped us determine that Puron is superior in performance and energy efficiency in addition to being environmentally sound. These outstanding results have made Puron refrigerant the universally accepted, long-term refrigerant for the heating and cooling industry.

Carrier is the first manufacturer to develop indoor weather products using Puron, the chlorine-free replacement refrigerant for R-22. As companies worldwide race to switch over to chlorine-free refrigerants, Carrier offers the experience of having introduced the first air conditioners with the alternative refrigerant back in 1996. Now, Carrier is expanding its line to offer a wide range of environmentally sound products. Carrier's superior technology enables you to begin investing in your future today with custom made indoor weather systems that are environmentally sound.

A Carrier indoor weather system with Puron refrigerant delivers enhanced energy efficiency, quieter operation and outstanding reliability today while meeting the environmental standards of the future. Puron refrigerant has a proven record of outstanding reliability and has been approved by the EPA for use in the United States. European and Japanese markets are also introducing products using this high-performance, chlorine-free refrigerant.

Carrier's initial central air conditioner using Puron refrigerant shows exceptional reliability, having the lowest incidence of service of Carrier's entire product line. The improved energy efficiency of our line of indoor weather products with Puron refrigerant will result in a reduction of your heating or cooling costs. And, by making the switch to a system utilizing Puron refrigerant now, you may avoid the potentially rising costs associated with servicing or replacing R-22 based systems.

Carrier Indoor Weather Experts have been specially trained and are certified to install and service Carrier products using Puron refrigerant. As you become more aware of the inevitable switch to products with Puron refrigerant, Carrier's Indoor Weather Experts will be able to help you make the right choice for the future: Carrier products with Puron refrigerant.

Is Puron right for you?
If you are thinking about replacing your air conditioner or heat pump, keep in mind that Carrier's Puron-based products offer several homeowner benefits, including:

  • Energy Efficiency - Most of our Puron air conditioners and heat pumps offer higher efficiency ratings. Keep in mind that the ratings don't change simply because they are Puron-based products - a 12 SEER rated air conditioner will deliver 12 SEER no matter what's in it. However, Puron's heat transfer properties lend themselves to higher efficiency performance.
  • Future cost of service savings - Because of U.S. government restrictions on future production refrigerants with ozone-harming CFCs, the refrigerant used ion most of today's heat pumps and air conditioners will become harder to find and eventually more expensive. Switching to Puron now can help you avoid the potential rising cost of servicing most of today's air conditioners and heat pumps.
  • Reliability - Carrier's air conditioners and heat pumps with Puron refrigerant have become the most reliable products in our entire line.
  • Quiet Operation - Many of the air conditioners and heat pumps with Puron refrigerant also offer Carrier's Silencer System for quieter operation.

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